Thursday, 30 January 2014

Filmed in New York, Person of Interest.

An American crime drama TV show filmed on location in New York called 'Person of Interest' has become very popular, and has built up a huge fan base, each episode has beautifully filmed shots of New York, bringing back many memories of our recent trip.
The series is about a former CIA operative who teams up with a curious and very clever billionaire who prevents crimes in New York City, using sophisticated surveillance technology, the screenplay is by Jonathan Nolan, and the stars are Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Where to get info on NY/NJ Super Bowl.

As the excitement builds for the NFL Super Bowl, Sunday 2nd February 2014, which is  being held at the MetLife Stadium New Jersey and the special events taking place in New York, look on the NY/NJ Superbowl Facebook page for up to date information. You can also find them on twitter.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Staten Island Ferry, For Free Glimpse of The Statue Of Liberty.

We clearly have to go back to New York! On our last trip we visited Battery Park walked along to the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal, walked past, took pictures of the Ferry and went on our way. 
We have since learned that it is 'free' to travel on the ferry, which takes walk on passengers, mainly commuters and sightseers to Staten Island St. George Ferry Terminal, passing The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on route.
The journey is 5 miles and takes about 25 minutes each way.
If sightseeing it may be advisable not to travel at rush hour times!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Picturesque Ice Skating in Central Park, NY.

Ice skating in a picturesque setting in Central Park is a popular winter pastime for locals and visitors to New York.
There are two sites, the Wollman Rink which is at the southern end of the park and the Lasker Rink at the north end of the park. which in the summer becomes a swimming pool! 
Both are open from November to March and skates can be hired and lockers are available.

Wollman Rink

Monday, 20 January 2014

Not Just The Super Bowl!

On February 2nd 2014 the Super Bowl will be taking place at the MetLife Stadium New Jersey. The areas of New York and New Jersey are teaming up to put on an incredible show for the NFL end of season spectacular. 
Many events are taking place to lead up to the Super Bowl, the NY/NJ and the NFL are gathering communities together to host Charity Drives, Educational programmes etc. and in the area around Times Square and Broadway 'Super Bowl Boulevard' will open Wednesday January 29 and running through to February 1st, for fans to enjoy all things 'football'. Outside Macy's storefront every evening there will be a Super Bowl virtual theater and a 180 foot long 'Toboggan Run' in Times Square!   Banners and decorations will adorn the streets and teams of Volunteers will be on hand to direct visitors to there destinations.
The transport system of NY/NJ are prepared and ready to accommodate for the influx of fans and their families descending on them, helping to embrace and celebrate this magnificent sporting event.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hot Chocolate at the Todd English Food Hall, Plaza Hotel.

If you're looking for a pleasant place to sit and have an enjoyable cup of hot chocolate or coffee we visited the Todd English Food Hall, 1 West 59th Street, situated at the concourse level of The Plaza Hotel, whose entrance is on 5th Avenue.
We were meeting friends, after a bike ride in Central Park, it was a Sunday morning in December, they recommended the Todd English Food Hall and we found it to be very welcoming.
It has a lovely atmosphere with a very nice food hall which instantly reminded me of Harrods in London, UK. Around the edges of the food hall are tables to casually relax, the food hall offers a variety of quality foods with a Bar and Restaurant and a grand ambiance.    

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Characters we saw In New York.

When visiting Manhattan, to add to our excitement of viewing this amazing district we were impressed by how so many exude a happy and 'cool' air, everyone seemed so friendly and anything goes! We saw great characters, one guy on a skateboard whizzing down a traffic packed 7th Avenue, another riding by on a bicycle powered by a kite, guys on street corners selling there wares with a catchy rant, a guy telling jokes for a dollar, a couple of guys performing a rap routine in a subway station and because it was Christmas the Salvation Army street collectors, with their bells singing and dance routines and of course many talented buskers scattered around. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and being a visitor I thank them all because it added so much to the vibrant spirited atmosphere in New York City.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Visitors to New York can view the Big Apple by Helicopter.

When in New York you cannot escape that Helicopter rides are a popular pastime for visitors, in busy Manhattan you are approached several times by ticket touts trying to sell Helicopter tickets, there are several companies in competition, so you do have a choice, basically all offer a trip ranging from 15 minutes to 30 mins on board and an incredible view, with commentary of New Yorks spectacular scenery.
You can book online.
There may be date alterations because of weather.
You probably will be sharing with other passengers.
There may be extra costs on the day.
A professional photographer is usually on hand for a souvenir picture for you to buy.
I've read a number of good reviews of people having this thrilling experience and they say it was well worth it, you can also find videos on YouTube of personal reflection.

There are even special packages available for couples that want to get married whilst on board a helicopter over New York!! 
With a marriage officiate provided and paperwork for legal matters.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The day we went to the Intrepid Air Museum at Pier 86 in West Manhatton.

I wasn't sure what to expect at the Air and Space Military and Maritime Museum that is housed on the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.
As you board you are taken into a world of maritime and air history, that leaves an impression on you of magnificent achievements. Whether physical, emotional, engineering or mechanical. 
Starting on the flight deck, there are historic war planes, helicopters and recently the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
Below deck you have the opportunity to view the workings of the Aircraft Carrier and see how the crew lived whilst on board. Along the route are guides with expert knowledge who are eager to answer any questions and some who have served in the military with many stories to tell.
There are exhibits and interactive booths with working whistles, Morse code equipment, videos, sound experiences etc.
The exhibits also include submarine USS Growler, and British Airways Concorde G-BOAD.
Well worth a visit, but a fair weather day is recommended.    

Monday, 6 January 2014

Gapstow Bridge over the 'Pond' in Central Park.

Gapstow Bridge is one of the many picturesque bridges in Central Park. Pretty in the summer covered in green foliage, autumnal in the fall, and in winter beautiful in the snow.
The original wooden bridge which crosses over the 'Pond' was first built in 1874, but had to be replaced because of ware and tear in1896, by the stone bridge which stands there today. It is situated at the corner of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue near the Plaza Hotel.
It offers a peaceful scenic sitting area close to the hustle and bustle of City life where by you can calmly observe the ducks and bird life.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New York Film Location.

I was watching 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' over the Christmas holidays and it had me re-living our trip to New York. It got me thinking as to how many films must have been made on location there through the years. 
So I went to Wikipedia and found a list of hundreds of films through the years from as early as 1908. I must say it was a very impressive list!