Monday, 20 January 2014

Not Just The Super Bowl!

On February 2nd 2014 the Super Bowl will be taking place at the MetLife Stadium New Jersey. The areas of New York and New Jersey are teaming up to put on an incredible show for the NFL end of season spectacular. 
Many events are taking place to lead up to the Super Bowl, the NY/NJ and the NFL are gathering communities together to host Charity Drives, Educational programmes etc. and in the area around Times Square and Broadway 'Super Bowl Boulevard' will open Wednesday January 29 and running through to February 1st, for fans to enjoy all things 'football'. Outside Macy's storefront every evening there will be a Super Bowl virtual theater and a 180 foot long 'Toboggan Run' in Times Square!   Banners and decorations will adorn the streets and teams of Volunteers will be on hand to direct visitors to there destinations.
The transport system of NY/NJ are prepared and ready to accommodate for the influx of fans and their families descending on them, helping to embrace and celebrate this magnificent sporting event.

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