Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fifty Years Ago When the Beatles arrived in New York!

In the last few days, if you hadn't heard, was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles landing in New York for the first time and causing quite a stir! 
On February 7th 1964 the four British musicians arrived at JFK airport to be greeted by hordes of screaming fans and reporters. 
After a press conference they were taken to The Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue, where the news had gotten out and the Beatles were deluged again by huge crowds. They embarked on a quick sightseeing tour of New York taking in the chance of a photo shoot in Central Park which is close to The Plaza Hotel, they dined in the Boathouse restaurant and insisted on a cab ride to see the Apollo theatre in Harlem.
George Harrison missed out on the sightseeing tour, due to a high temperature and had to stay in the Hotel.
The band appeared on the The Ed Sullivan Show 2 days later live and in front of 73 million viewers! On February 11th the boys played at the Washington Coliseum a sports arena at Washington D.C. Then back to appear at Carnegie Hall, New York.
The Beatles then flew to Miami for another live TV broadcast and back home to England.
Leaving behind many fans who had experienced their first taste of Beatlemania!
At John F. Kennedy Airport there is now a plaque to commemorate their arrival on their Pan Am flight.

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