Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What is your favourite song at Christmas? My NYC Memories.

Every time I hear 'All I want for Christmas is You' by Mariah Carey. I am transported in my mind to Penn Station in Manhattan New York, where it was playing as we were getting tickets for the subway on our trip in December 2013.
I remember coming down the steps from 7th Avenue to the sounds of the Salvation Army Bell Ringers who were dancing and ringing their bells to attract people to donate for Christmas. We walked at a fast pace to keep up with busy commuters. We smelled welcoming, warming, aromas, that were wafting from various fast food establishments. People rushing, standing, waiting, eating. All nationalities mingling together, New Yorkers shouting pleasantries to each other. Everyone seemed friendly and helpful and it felt safe, with police dotted around the vast public thoroughfare which houses intercity trains by Amtrak, local commuter trains and the NYC Subway. 
Happy memories. And luckily every year at Christmas I will re live those memories.

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