Saturday, 21 December 2013

I was not disappointed at my first sight of New York.

My first impression of New York was emerging from Penn Station having travelled by train from Newark Liberty Airport, going up the escalator and out onto a very busy 7th avenue, crossing, and mid way turning to look left, to an amazing sight of skyscrapers lining the road into the distance. I was awestruck momentarily but then realised I was in the middle of the road with yellow cabs, trucks and buses all ready to move forward as soon as the lights changed.

Safely on the other side, I walked a few steps and was at our Hotel, Hotel Pennsylvania, a grand sight with American flags flying outside and went through the revolving doors into the art deco reception area decorated very tastefully, the hotel is full of character, being a very old building you feel the history. Our room overlooked the Empire State Building! Macy's is a short walk away,Time Square five minutes walk and Madison Square Gardens is opposite.

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