Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New York in December.

December in New York City is a wonderful spectacle of coloured lights, Christmas trees, superbly and lavishly decorated store windows. folks dressed up in warm coats, wooly hats, scarves and fur boots. Chestnuts being sold by the street vendor along with the classic hot dogs. Steam rises up from the grates on the sidewalk as you walk along, you hear the thundering beneath you as a subway train travels underground. Ticket touts spot the tourist and try to sell tickets for various attractions..The Empire State Building, a helicopter ride, a sightseeing bus tour, cycles to hire, but when refused, they graciously bid you to 'Have a Nice Day'. 
You constantly hear the sound of bells as the Salvation Army make themselves known, asking for a donation of spare change for the needy.
The hustle and bustle seems to be on the go twenty four hours a day. if staying in a Hotel in the centre of town, you are right in the heart of it, highly recommended, as you get a great buzz and everything is so close to get to.

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