Friday, 27 June 2014

Lovely Washington Square Park, New York City.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, try and find a little time to chill out in the lovely Washington Square Park,
It's landscape is filled with beautiful trees, benched sitting areas, granite seats surrounding the Washington Square Arch and fountain and open area. 
A lovely green hilly shaped grass area for young children to roll and crawl around safely.
A 'play area' for large dogs, and another for small dogs, with sitting places and space for exercising your best friend.
There are chess tables to exercise your mind and meet with friends and new opponents.
The surroundings are a safe, calming, happy, friendly atmosphere with a communal spirit, music is played by buskers adding to the charm. Food and drink available at the park, rest rooms and a Starbucks at Faye's at 45 West 4th Street, in the area of New York University campus.
A subway is a short walk away.


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