Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Staten Island Ferry Trip.

For a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, you enter the Ferry at the docking station just off Battery Park, Lower Mahattan. The transportation gateway is an impressive building with seats, food booths, toilets and a pleasant atmosphere. We went mid morning to avoid getting in the way of busy workers on their way to work, and were surrounded by tourists, we didn't wait long, then everyone started boarding with an air of excitement. 
We all found our spot and set off, safety announcements were made and plenty of notices telling you were to obtain a life jacket if you should need one! There is ample seating in or out on deck and plenty of standing room.
It was a beautiful sunny day, and everyone seemed to have a camera and were snapping pictures as we sailed along.
The view is spectacular of NYC and there are plenty of photo opportunities of The Statue of Liberty in all her glory and of Ellis Island, I felt an immense sense of history as we passed.
The journey itself is pleasurable as you cross the vast expanse of water, a cargo ship went past, reminding us that we were close to the Ocean.
We got to Staten Island and docked, again with safety procedures in hand! it was all very well organised.
Most of the passengers at this time were only there for the ride, and headed straight back onto the next ferry, us included. To catch the returning ferry you have to be quick and we were just about running to get their before the gates closed. It was a funny spectacle to take part in, people de-boarding and hurriedly breezing through the station for the next boat!
Safely back on board, the journey back was as scenic, we went to the other side of the boat for more photo shots of the amazing New York sky line.
To conclude, I found the experience, very pleasurable, interesting, scenic, fun and quite sociable! 
Thank you New York City Department of Transport for this free crossing of the Hudson River.


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